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Conspirators : ruv


Alias: ruv
Given Name: Reuven Cohen
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Nationality: Swiss, Israeli, Canadian (Citizenships)
Location: Halifax, NS & NYC
Personal Website: www.ruv.net

Preferred Artistic Medium: Digital / Photoshop 7
Preferred Artistic Style: Digital Illustration / Painterly
Sources of Inspiration: Deviant Art
Sources of Infuriation: US Foreign policy / WTC protestors

What do you strive for/value in a piece of art?
When I create a piece of art I strive to make it visually appealing, while portraying an inner depth. There should be more then meets the eye, hidden meanings. I try to avoid literal and focus on the figurative.

What can an audience look forward to when viewing your work?
Depth and Expression of my current state of mind.

What do you think a person could do to inspire or incite change?
Art = Power.
The power to change the way people perceive the world around them.
The power to inspire.
The power to involve.
The power to incite.
The power to manipulate perceptions.

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