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Conspirators : N0DeaL


Alias: n0deal
Given Name: Lars-Erik Forsberg
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Toronto, Canada
Personal Website: ModernPropaganda.Net

Preferred Artistic Medium: Digital
Preferred Artistic Style: Grunge, Collage, Social/Political
Sources of Inspiration: NIN, Sean Kennedy TFM, Emotion and Modern Media
Sources of Infuriation: The Corpolitical, Corruption, Capitalism, Militarism, Bigotry, Racism and Intolerance

What do you strive for/value in a piece of art?
Something that will grab hold of someone and make them think. Beauty, innovation, originality; combined with a strong theme.

What can an audience look forward to when viewing your work?
A clearly presented message. Education through art.

What do you think a person could do to inspire or incite change?
Even the smallest bits of effort will eventually have an effect. The key is never to give up or loose hope.

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