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Conspirators : Himynameiznate


Alias: Himynameiznate
Given Name:
Nate Cavanaugh
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Nationality: Uhmehrikin
Location: Southern California
Website: shift22

Preferred Artistic Medium: Digital, pencil or ballpoint pen
Preferred Artistic Style: I get bored easily, so I constantly switch
Sources of Inspiration: Other artists, books, movies, comics
Sources of Infuriation: People who are obstinately stupid

What do you strive for/value in a piece of art?
Technical skill originality and emotion, in that order.

What can an audience look forward to when viewing your work?
To me trying something new. Hopefully original, but you never know...

What do you think a person could do to inspire or incite change?
Make a small difference to someone. It will have waves of consequences throught the universe.

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