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Conspirators : gnat


Alias: Gnat
Given Name: Mario Garza
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Nationality: Mexican
Location: Fresno, Ca
Personal Website: n/a

Preferred Artistic Medium: Digital/ Digital Photography
Preferred Artistic Style: I often change my style, I don't feel I fit anywhere. (though I don't feel Im doing anything that's drastically different)
Sources of Inspiration: Living life, looking around and seeing how fucked/beautiful this world is.
Sources of Infuriation: Lack of caring.

What do you strive for/value in a piece of art?
I value effort, I really do praise people for attempting to make a difference or help better what they feel needs some attention.

What can an audience look forward to when viewing your work?
Hopefully something that's visually pleasing…beyond that I don't feel I'm a pioneer of any sort.

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