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Vote for the Internet


Join almost half-a-million Canadians and make the Internet a federal election issue.[more]

Category: Political

Remember, remember the fifth of November...


This year, let us again remember the tale of Guy Fawkes. The fifth of November is indeed a day to remember. But with time we have a better reason why.


Iraq in Fragments


Everyone needs to see this movie: Iraq in Fragments by James Longley.[more]

Category: Art

General Strike: 9/11/07


Make 9/11/07 a milestone of the Resistance. This is a battle for humanity and truth. We’ll keep fighting until it’s won, but let’s rise up today and witness our own power. Every individual who participates, no matter how small...


Declaration by Citizens Against Atlantica


Atlantica, the International Northeast Economic Region (AINER), is charting a course towards breaking down barriers for big business in Atlantic Canada, Eastern Quebec, and the Northeast United States. While Atlantica...[more]




Global call for submissions of political posters[more]

Category: Art

US Torture Goes on Trial


Something remarkable is going on in a Miami courtroom. The cruel methods U.S. interrogators have used since September 11 to "break" prisoners are finally being put on trial.

Category: World Events, Political

Death and Taxes 2007


Have you ever wondered where the government spends all your money?

Category: Art

Narcolepsy & Naivety


The idea that the US has a moral obligation to remain in Iraq to "maintain order" is one of the oldest and most successful justifications for imperialist expansion in human history.[more]

Category: Essays, Political, Art

Market Justice Healthcare; A Contradiction in Terms


International trade agreements aside, health care corporations and their advocates, including the Federal Liberal and Conservative Parties, argue that only the free market, and not the government, can allocate society’s finite...[more]

Category: Essays
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