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Narcolepsy & Naivety

Post Election Analysis by MDP

The idea that the US has a moral obligation to remain in Iraq to "maintain order" is one of the oldest and most successful justifications for imperialist expansion in human history. John Stuart Mills, the great English philosopher made the same argument in defense of the British Empire. It is the responsibility of the "enlightened states" to bring "democracy and civilization" to the "savages" of the third world. We will, of course, bring "democracy and freedom" to the backward Arab masses by invasion of their homeland, systematic genocide of the indigenous population and overt theft of their most precious natural resources. This is "the white man's burden."

Only the most bizarre combination of narcolepsy and naivety could convince a rational person that the American Empire is acting any differently in Iraq. The Americans illegally invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq, illegally rewrote their constitution, and instituted an illegal occupation of the country designed to systematically steal precious natural resources through neoliberal "reforms" (dogma) that the US forces on the weak but would never apply to itself for obvious reasons. The American occupation has already killed 500,000 Iraqis, the vast majority civilians (according to the conservative British medical journal, Lancet). The American occupation of Iraq is barbaric to say the least. Atrocities and genocide have been systematically committed against the civil population, grave violations of international humanitarian law, such as the fire bombing of Falluja, including the hospital, to cite only one example.

Iraq is not a happy place. The US supported Saddam Hussian throughout the 1980s and supplied him with weapons that he used against his own population. Now the US is illegally occupying their country, with no pretense of reconstruction or substantive democracy. The vast majority of Iraqis, when polled, want the US occupation to end immediately. These facts are crucially hidden from the American people. Iraq will not be a happy place when the Americans finally leave, but If you and I really believe in democracy, we will argue that the (overwhelming and uncontroversial) opinions of the people of Iraq are more important than the imperialist ambitions of their occupiers.

It is interesting that prominent Democrats have been careful not to offer an alternative to the current policies of greed and war. Throughout the election prominent Democrats have repeated the mantra that "Americans are not opposed to this war, only its leadership." "The war in Iraq is legitimate and important but it has been mismanaged beyond recognition," and so on. I have noticed that the Democratic party have been very careful to direct criticism against Bush, but not the war, which Democrats generally agree is important to defend American interests in near east oil, as Bush admitted during the election. The Democrats are morally bankrupt. They have no "withdrawal plan" because they do not plan to withdraw. Some Democrats actually argue that Bush's "mismanagement" consists of not sending more troops to Iraq! Unbelievable. The Democrats are lying to the American people. The majority of Americans oppose the war. Period. Not the leadership, but the idea that the US has the right to illegally invade and murder hundreds of thousands of defenseless civilians on the other side of the globe to "protect energy resources crucial to American national security and economic development."

At least that is how I see it, and national polls, though naturally ignored for obvious reasons, tend to agree, and have done so for quite some time. The numbers have finally caught up with Bush, and that is a good thing. Totally excluded from the American political discourse are the people who actually live in Iraq, over 95% of them want the American occupation of their country to end immediately, if not sooner (Chomsky: Failed States). Think about it: can you recall a single occasion when a Republican or Democratic politician discussed the actual desires of the Iraqi people themselves?

It is a testament to the near universal disdain for democracy that typifies Republican and Democratic foreign policy.

Indeed. Congratulations to my American friends on sweeping the greedy-corrupt-war-mongering-filthy-swine from Congress! The American people are all too accustomed to being manipulated, neglected, belittled, marginalized and generally dismissed as a bunch of ignorant suckers who will swallow any lie, no matter how vile and repugnant, if it spews from the lips of their messianic leaders and trusted corporate media outlets.

Special congratulations has to go to the people of Pennsylvania who "wiped Santorum from the floor of the US Senate," in the words of Dan Savage. Rick Santorum was an evil old bigot and he will not be missed. He is the personification of everything that is backwards and ugly and hateful in the American psyche. His downfall (and the midterm elections in general) seem to represent a turning point in American electoral politics. The majority of Americans have strongly opposed Bush and his (now openly admitted) War-For-Oil for well over a year now, but it is encouraging to see that actual issues have snuck into electoral politics, a rare and wholly unwelcome occurrence for the corporations that dominate policy and marginalize democracy in conventional ways (media control).


"Politics is the shadow cast on society by Big Business." -John Dewey


By: Max Pollack
Category: Essays, Political, Art
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