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ArtPolitic Manifesto

ArtPolitic is a group of artists who have come together in order to bring to light social and political issues that we have deemed important. Collectively, ArtPolitic and it's members seek to promote thought, interest, and passion for a variety of diverse social issues. We seek to inform others and incite change through our art.

Our art is strong and opinionated, and anything you see here will have a definite message, not merely eye-candy. However, as artists, we are incredibly aware of the value of aesthetics and form, which goes hand-in-hand with content, so everything you look at will not only be meaningful, it will be attractive to the eye as well.

As artists with a definite social message, we also put an extremely high value on feedback and discussion, and as such, visitors are encouraged to talk about and even argue with what they might see on this site in our forums.

ArtPolitic is a new type of art-group. With many perspectives, using many different artistic tools, we attempt to explain and show the importance of social, civil, and political activity. We hope you can learn something while you are here.

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